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Road Star Helpful Hints

Mikuni 40mm Carburetor

Road Star 1600 -Carburetor 99-03

Mikuni 40mm Carburetor

Main jet 165

Pilot Jet 35

PMS  2 1/2 turns out 

Road Star 1700 -Carburetor 04- 07

Mikuni 40mm Carburetor

Main Jet 182.5

Pilot Jet 35

PMS 2 1/2 turns out


Road Star Pulley Nut

99-05 Socket 36mm

06-Currert Socket 30mm

Torque specs

99-03 63 ftlbs

04-05 74 ftlbs

06- Current 89 ftlbs

Stock Carburetor parts

Flop test to check your head bearings.

First, jack up the front wheel off the ground  and hold the bars straight.

Now release the bars, if they drop to the side and bounce then the steering head bearings need to be tightened. 

Another test is once the front wheel if off the ground, grasp the front forks and try to move them by pushing and pulling, if you feel any movement your bearings are loose.


Loose steering head bearings can cause the bars to shake if you release them as you ride, it can also make you think your front tire is bad .

Check the steering head bearing before every riding season  to be safe.

Stock Yamaha rear wire colors:

Yellow- brake

Blue- running lights

Black- ground

Brown-left turn

Green-right turn

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